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Are you ready for our upcoming auctions?  Just the other day, Melitta and I went over the auction schedule from now until the end of October and if you LOVE auctions, then you’re going to be in luck!  Last October, we had 16 auctions in 31 days and at this point, September 2013 is coming in a close second with 14 sales scheduled…at least as of the writing of this blog!

But before we hit September, we need to recap our last couple of sales and finish out August.  We headed north of Troy to Palmyra, MO on Saturday, July 20 for an awesome 2-ring sale that included some of the best antiques, antique glassware and furniture that we’ve seen in a while.  The Late Charlie and Eleanor Griffith Brown started Brown’s Furniture in 1951 and this was truly a lifetime collection with some outstanding pieces.

There were many highlights from the sale including approximately 20 pieces of Lalique that sold anywhere in price from $55 to $450.  By far, the best Lalique piece was a Yeso Bowl that sold for $600 – what a great collector piece!  There were also approximately 10 Lladro figurines that sold between $75 and $350…many happy buyers went home with some pieces to add to their collections.

In addition to the wonderful glassware, a nice collection of antique and collector toys were sold.  A Murray Trac Jet Flo drive pedal tractor sold for $125, a child’s drum from the 1920’s sold for $180, and a cast iron 3-horse fire truck sold for $200.  During each sale, I think we all have our favorite piece or a piece that just really grabs our attention.  Dusty definitely found his at this sale!  A 1921 tin wind-up toy named Jazzbo Jim, aka The Dancer on the Roof.  The final sale price?  $335!  One of Dave’s favorite pieces from the day was probably the best piece of the sale.  It was a primitive cherry wood sugar chest…a very rare piece…and it sold for $2800!

The next Friday & Saturday took us to the Wright City Lions’ Club for a 2-day sale that contained approximately 2000 pieces of antiques, glassware, furniture, coins, books, salt & pepper shakers as well as Majolica, Copper Luster, Nippon, Belleek and a large group of Staffordshire figurines.  Friday’s portion of the sale also included several pieces of original Indian Art and a few 1950’s soda coolers.

As with any sale, there are always some stand out pieces and this sale was no exception!  To go along with the sugar chest from the week before, a wooden sugar firkin bucket dated 1776-1876 sold for $170.  As with one of our earlier sales, the Wavecrest glassware continued to be a hot item with pieces ranging from $100 to $270!  I thought one of the neatest pieces was an early Tortoise Glass Wig Stand which sold for $110.  I don’t have any wigs laying around but it would also have made a great hat stand!

If you were in the market for a soda cooler from the 1950’s, then we had several to choose from.  And no brand was left behind – we had Coca-Cola ($200), 7-up ($150), Pepsi-Cola ($170), Royal Crown ($140) and even a Grapette Grape Soda cooler that sold for $180.  But the Indian Art was certainly what generated the most interest.  We sold two original Robert Redbird paintings for $110 and $120 each before selling an original Doc Tate Nevaquaya painting on doeskin for $1,050!

So now that we’re caught up on our previous sales, let’s move on to our upcoming sales!  On Saturday, August 10, we are heading south of Wentzville to Defiance for a nice sale that includes some shop and hand tools, farm supplies, lawn & garden tools and a lot of miscellaneous scrap iron.  There will also be some antiques & collectibles.  But if you are in the market for some firearms or hunting & fishing supplies, check out the guns to be sold at 11:00 a.m.  Remember, ALL out of state firearm buyers must present a current FFL license.  There will also be a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Touring car sold at 1:00 p.m. along with a 1966 Allis Chalmers Series 11 D-15 gas tractor and several pieces of hay & farm equipment.  Plan to enjoy the day on the farm with us!

If any of you remember the milk bottle sale that we had several years ago, then you’ll definitely want to check out the sale for Saturday, August 24.  We’ll be in Bridgeton for the third sale we’ve had for the Lois and the late Don Adams family.  Because of the extensive toy collection, as well as the many other collections to be sold, we will be selling in two rings most of the day – one ring will sell toys & train memorabilia while the other sells glassware.  Come prepared!  Collections include belt buckles, Borden’s Milk Trucks (toys), glass baskets, history churches, Hallmark ornaments (trains), trinket boxes, crackle glass and more!  There will also be a large Matchbox Car collection as well as approximately 100 framed arrowhead points that will be sold as one collection!

On Sunday, August 25, we’ll be headed back to the Wright City Lions’ Club.  Not only will we be selling literally 1000’s of coins – to be sold at 2:30 p.m. – but we also have a nice collection of straight razors, clocks, pocket & wrist watches and Fenton glass slippers.  Several of these collections will be sold at specific times so check out the sale bill at for all the details!  Coin buyers will not want to miss this one!

As always, there is always a little something for everyone and by looking at the auction calendar for the next three months, this will hold true.  Be sure and check out ALL of our dates – not only do we have them booked for Saturdays and Sundays but we’ve added Fridays, Friday night and even Mondays to our schedule!  See you soon!

Lori Biehl
Clerk and Cashier


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