Rollin Through the Auction Calendar!

You’ve heard the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  We must be having loads of fun then because the month of August has come and gone!  We had some great sale during the month and are getting primed for more sales to come.

When I last left you, we were headed to Defiance on August 10 for a sale for Mr. Clifford Aulbert.  It was a beautiful farm to hold a sale on – Mr. Aulbert had lived here his entire life.  In addition to the nice collection of antiques, collectibles, and shop tools, we also sold a small collection of firearms along with hunting and fishing supplies.  But vintage advertising pieces are making a comeback – especially if they are from local businesses.  Yardsticks from I.H. Banner Equipment in St. Charles, Missouri sold for $18 each while a thermometer from the same equipment dealer – with a telephone number of 1767 – sold for $140!  Mr. Aulbert’s 1966 Allis Chalmers Series 11 D-15 gas tractor sold for $6,600 and his 2008 Chrysler Sebring Touring car sold for $8,100!

After taking the next weekend off so Dave could celebrate his birthday with a road trip, we headed to Bridgeton for the final sale for Lois Adams and the Late Don Adams.  The second sale for them was Don’s milk bottle collection.  With over 5,000 milk bottles, it’s a sale we still talk about.  But the collections didn’t end with the milk bottles.  The sale on August 24 included collections of belt buckles, clowns, glass baskets, crackle glass as well as a wide selection of Matchbox cars, toy tractors and cars along with a collection of trains and train memorabilia.  Selling in two rings kept us busy but it has certainly been a pleasure working with Mrs. Adams throughout the last few years, after having three auctions for her we have become good friends and wish her all the best for the what the future holds for her family.

We headed to the Wright City Lions Club on Sunday, August 25 to sell a huge coin and currency collection for the Late Randall & Lorraine Tayon.  Mr. Tayon worked at the Winfield Banking Company for nearly 40 years – which might explain the coin collection!  But before we began the coin auction, we sold a nice collection of clocks, pocket & wrist watches, straight razors and antiques and collectibles.  One of the biggest draws that day were the clocks – where an oak Regulator wall clock out of the Winfield Bank sold for $450 and a Hamilton Railway Special Grade 999B Model II dial MHG 21 jewel pocket watch sold for $400.  One of my favorite pieces was an early cast iron Dachshund boot scraper that sold for $160!

And then we moved on to the coins, currency and gold collection!  There were 188 lots of coins sold in catalog form but many lots contained more than one item – we sold 1000’s of coins that day.  Bags of Roosevelt silver dimes – with 10 dimes to a bag – were selling for $18 a bag while bags containing 50 dimes to a roll were selling for $90 per bag.  Coins from the 1850’s are always a hit and Sunday was no exception.  An 1857 Flying Eagle penny sold for $56, an 1853 and 1858 Three Cent Silver piece sold for $45 apiece, an 1828 Half Cent sold for $55 and an 1853 Large Cent sold for $42.50.  Gold pieces were also highly sought after that day with an 1897 Ten Dollar Gold Piece selling for $950!  There was a huge collection of silver and gold certificates along with $2 bills from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The sale on August 31st was a bittersweet one – not only for the auction staff but for those who knew the Late Leighton Zumbehl.  Leighton passed away earlier this year and this was the first of a couple of sales that we will be holding for Marge this fall.  Leighton was an avid auction goer and had even determined that one year, he had attended 100 auctions!  Leighton collected many things throughout the years but one of his biggest passions was tools and advertising pieces.  So Saturday’s sale started with one of the largest tool collections we’ve sold in quite some time – hammers, oil cans, hatchets and many Keen Kutter tools.  His cane and walking stick collection number well over 30 and gave everyone an opportunity to get a keepsake of Leighton’s.

But as with a couple of the last sales, antique advertising signs and clocks continued to be the talk of the sale.  A Funk’s Hybrid sign sold for $120 while a Pepsi-Cola tin thermometer sold for $130.  A Falstaff clock sold for $120 while another Banner Equipment advertising thermometer sold for $115.  Fairbanks Morse are definitely collectible – a Fairbanks Morse Bruns Machine Company advertising sign from St. Charles, MO sold for $350 while a Fairbanks Morse round lighted sign sold for $650!  Keep an eye on our auction calendar for more information on upcoming sales for Leighton – we still have his toy truck collection to sell!

On Labor Day, we headed to the bluffs above Clarksville – with one of the most gorgeous overlook views you can imagine.  It was definitely a great place to hold an auction!  This auction was for Sharyn Jolly and the Late Dr. James (Jim) Jolly, a very respected and successful orthodontist in Hannibal.  The travel trailer, a 2011 Rockwood, and the pickup truck, a 2011 Chevy Silverado, were like new!  The Kimball Baby Grand Piano sold for $1250 while a rare Chemiakin painting of the Czar Family came in a close second at $1200.  But I have to say that the highlights of the sale were the African head mounts and hides.  A tanned Wildebeest hide sold for $325 followed by a tanned black-striped Zebra hide for $600.  An impala mount sold for $300, followed by a Kudu mount for $1000 and then the prize mount – a Cape Buffalo head mount that sold for $1870!

In order to keep up with our upcoming schedule, be sure to check the calendar at  We have several weekends coming up with three sales over the weekend – whether it is Saturday, Sunday and Monday or Friday/Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  We keep moving through September’s calendar with three sales this coming weekend.

Saturday, September 7th – Bring a friend to this sale outside Warrenton on Pendleton Lost Creek as we will be selling in two rings part of the day.  In addition to household items, antiques & collectibles, we will be selling approximately 500 arrowheads and Indian artifacts at 10:30 a.m. followed by firearms.  You will also find a pop-up camper, wood splitter, and motorcycle on the sale bill along with approximately 300+ Hot Wheels, a collection of Barbies and sewing & quilting equipment & supplies.

Sunday, September 8th – Join us in Flint Hill beginning at 12:00 noon for a sale that includes a Farmall Super M pedal tractor and a Fire Chief Station #1 Car 66 pedal firetruck as well as a pickup truck, dump truck, pontoon boat, a Kawasaki mule and a John Deere gator.  There will also be a nice collection of 1950’s Coca-Cola & diner memorabilia – some antique and some reproduction.  You’ll also find a nice collection of antique & collectibles, show & woodworking tools as well as a dulcimer and zither!

Monday, September 9th – If you are looking for a piece of real estate in Bowling Green or Pike County, join us at 10:00 a.m. in Bowling Green.  You’ll find a nice ranch home with 1,624 square feet along with a nice, clean collection of household items, antiques and collectibles along with some quilting items.

And while you’re at it, mark your calendars for September 13 – 15th.  We’ll begin this sale for Tony & LeAnna Tedrick on Friday evening and Saturday at the Wright City Lions Club.  Friday night’s items include antique toys and antique banks while Saturday’s list includes antiques of all kinds – advertising, clocks, furniture, store fixtures & memorabilia and lamps!  Sunday will take us to Wellsville for some more antique signs, a Fire Chief gas pump and a 1949 Chevrolet 5-window Coupe pickup truck!  Tony’s family ran the Tedrick’s Grocery and General Store in Altamont, MO so this sale includes museum quality pieces that you won’t want to miss!

Lori Biehl
Clerk and Cashier


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