Allan & Ann Bradshaw Revocable Trust Auction – Mark Bradshaw Trustee – Mark & Ann Bradshaw

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2023
Time: 9:30am doors open at 8:00am
Location: Thornhill Auction Barn; 421 John Deere Drive; Troy, MO 63379
Directions: From Troy, MO go south on Hwy 61 to Moscow Mills Hwy C Exit. Go east on Hwy C to first stoplight, turn left on John Deere Drive (by Bank of Old Monroe) and go approximately 1 mile to sale on right, next door to Thornhill Real Estate Office. NOTE: Sale will be held indoors in our air condition & seated facility.

Auctioneer’s Note: In 2022 we had the honor of selling a portion of the collection of the Late Al & Ann Bradshaw at our Auction Barn. This will be the final sale of this impressive New England & Norwegian Collection. Their son Mark has since retired & will be selling his collection of antiques & advertising. Mark your calendars. David, Dusty & Bill
NOTE: Due to the rarity of this collection we will be selling 121 lots in cataloged form starting approximately 11:30 A.M. for more detailed descriptions and list click below.




  • Wentzville Mercantile Keen Kutter sign, framed
  • Union Bank St. Charles calendars 1915 & 1916, framed
  • Duebert Ins. St. Charles calendar 1927, framed
  • Chas. Bunding Weldon Spring 1924 calendar plate
  • Fred Bunding Weldon Spring 1921 calendar, framed
  • Oberle Brothers Weldon Spring calendar top, framed
  • Fred Bunding Weldon Spring Girl calendar top die cut, framed
  • New Melle Bank New Melle 1932 calendar, framed
  • HJ Seib Grocery Hamburg, MO 1917 calendar plate
  • HJ Seib Grocery Hamburg, MO advertising plate
  • Langford Auto Co., Winfield die cut 1920 Calendar, framed
  • Wright City Bank die cut calendar top, framed
  • Paul Leistner & Son, St. Charles copper bed warmer
  • Progress Mercantile St. Charles broom holder
  • Schlueter & Sons Defiance Watt pottery pitcher
  • JW Kessler Defiance, Mo match safe
  • Truesdale Roller Mills Sunrise flour cloth sack
  • St. Louis Catholic Boys Club Camp Weldon Spring post card
  • Bob Evans Motel Weldon Spring post card
  • Charcoal Rendering of “Uncle Ned” from Feise sale O’Fallon
  • Wentzville & St. Charles vintage soda bottles
  • Fiberboard Painted “Dancing” sign (St. Peters Bar 1960’s)
  • MidAmerica Raceways Wentzville memorabilia lot (programs, mailer & track layout card)
  • St. Charles County history books (3)


  • Schotten’s Spices 6 drawer oak store spice box
  • Roth Homeyer steer brand small wood coffee box
  • Roth Homeyer steer brand large wood coffee box (Wentzville Mercantile)
  • CF Blanke’s roasted coffee wooden box (Bay Mercantile)
  • Schotten’s coffee tin store bin
  • Diamond Shoe Stores German die cut 1927 calendar, framed
  • Brennan Bros. Grocery die cut 1906 calendar, framed
  • F.A. Jeremiah Bakery die cut calendar top, framed
  • Potthoff Brothers Bakery die cut calendar top, framed
  • Strauss Emeric & Ingalls die cut fan ads, framed
  • Meyer Bros. coffee oval tin tray w/girl
  • Candy Bros. fruit juice tablets oval tin serving tray
  • Fender Undertaking wooden thermometer
  • Woehlers Bakery advertising plate
  • White spray brand wooden smelt fish box sliding lid
  • Rare KSHE Radio moving announcement, framed
  • Assortment of St. Louis advertising tins: cigar (Brockmeyer’s), tobacco (Benton, Granulated 54 (2), Checker, Orphan Boy) Coffee (Blanke’s (4) including rare Dairy Brand, Yale, Golden Days) medical (Magic Insect Powder, Campho Phenique)
  • Schotten’s Coffee commemorative nickel plated letter openers (2)
  • Assorted St. Louis Ad cards some framed (5+)
  • Purina mink chow serving plate in blue letters
  • Arthur Printz St. Louis Politician history collage, framed
  • Jersey cream coffee order form & envelope, framed
  • Heidt Bakery Die Cut Easter card, framed
  • East St. Louis soda bottles (4)
  • Wireless buffet East St. Louis tip tray
  • Schrader Funeral Home folding wooden chair


  • Charles Van Ravensway German settlers’ book – 1st Edition in new condition
  • Muehlbach’s Beer pre pro serving and tip trays
  • Hermann, Mo match holder
  • Fredricks handmade cigar tins Monett, Mo (2)
  • Anck Bros. Quincy, IL 1913 calendar w/Indians, framed
  • Clark & Morgan Candy Co. (3) Quincy, 1880’s ad cards, framed
  • Pinder Co Chicago 1907 die cut calendar, framed
  • Quaker Bread Co 1904 Intricate Die Cut calendar, framed
  • Grand Leader Dept. Store Chicago Die Cut calendar 1917, framed
  • Gerken Liquors St. Peter, IL elk ad tray
  • St. Charles, IL evaporated cream puzzle and envelope, framed
  • Hat identification card Monmouth, IL, framed
  • Granite City Bank retirement table card, framed
  • Elgin Coffee grinders letterhead, framed


  • Walnut bachelors wardrobe with bottom drawer
  • Early walnut immigrants trunk dove tailed and pegged with traces of brown paint (Lincoln County)
  • Pine toolbox in old red paint and finish
  • Pine plant stands tall & short
  • Early 1800’s sack back Windsor chair w/rare wide seat construction, grain painting excellent wear from New Hampshire
  • Early 1800’s New England sack back Windsor chair traces of old red stain pegged mortice construction
  • High back bamboo style 9 rung true Windsor rocking chair w/original brown paint w/stenciling on legs and spindles. Split repair on seat is an old repair circa 1810 (w/road show appraisal Rapid City, SD 2012) Vermont
  • Winston king size cavalier tobacco display shelf unit
  • 1 Vintage 1960 slide back showcase with 1 glass shelf and legs 4’ x 3’ x2’ deep
  • 1 Art deco style slide back countertop display case w/2 glass shelves
  • Painted Norge style hanging cupboard w/2 doors


  • US Fur St. Louis poster “Hunters and a Skunk”, framed
  • Biwabik, MN 1897 “Goose Attack” Die Cut calendar, framed
  • Toe The Mark Shoes advertising card, framed
  • Alden fruit vinegar advertising card, framed
  • Ayers Cathartic pills advertising card, framed
  • Dixie kid tobacco lift top lunch pail tin
  • Savoy Cocoa tin


  • National Specialty 19” 2-wheel coffee grinder in immaculate & documented authentic restored condition
  • Elgin #42 2-wheel store grinder in restored condition
  • Simmons Hardware St. Louis Coffee Krusher in authentic paint
  • Rare 1800’s Norton, Chicago Victorian tin coffee grinder
  • Enterprise #1 coffee grinder in original condition


  • Tobacco lunch boxes (Winner, Fashion, Wildfruit, Union Leader, Union Miner, Just Suits, Dixie Queen, Dixie Kid, Tobacco canisters, Sterling (2), Sweet Burley, White Seal, Main Brace, Alburn Eskimo
  • Pocket and small tobacco (Players, Brier, Chesterfield (Round), Queed (2), Dill’s Best, HiPlane Pockets (2), Maryland Club, Pathand, Commander cigars, Banquet Hall, 4Roses Pocket, Matador, T & B Reknowned, Stag Pocket, Q Boid, Bull Dog, Union Leader, Our Business Reputation, Class Cigars, Virgina Mixture, Hot Spur Tobacco
  • Rare drum tobacco cardboard box
  • 1880’s Drum tobacco pouch
  • Dill’s Best glass sample display bottle
  • Roseleaf nickel plate snuff tin w/compass, 1875 dated
  • Assortment small spice tins (4)
  • Assortment medicinal & sample tins (6)
  • U.S. Marine Roly Poly storekeeper, rough condition


  • Campbells pail
  • Afterglow pail
  • Maverick pail
  • Sears Roebuck pail
  • Foley’s pail
  • Blanke’s dairy brand pail & 2 canister
  • Sears Roebuck store bin
  • Glendora canister
  • Bokar canister
  • Magnolia Mills canister
  • Yale canister
  • Limited Brand Free toy train engine & extra orange canister
  • Golden Days canister
  • White House Brands Dubuque, Iowa cracker tin
  • Mammoth salted peanuts tin
  • Planter’s peanuts tin
  • Kemps salted peanuts tins 2 sizes (2)
  • Toms toasted peanuts jar w/chips
  • Woolson Spice Lions coffee Christmas ad cards, framed (2)
  • Monarch cocoa tin
  • Cheese keep jar with lid
  • Glass store jars (2, 1 no lid)
  • Meadowdale milk pint bottle
  • Burma Shave & Horlicks jars


  • Bovey Minnesota 1925 page, framed
  • Round Lake Minnesota Bank 1930, framed
  • Exline Iowa store fisherman 1934, framed
  • Beloit Kansas auto dealer Die Cut, framed
  • Large presentation banner National Dairy Show 1918 Grand Champion Cow, framed
  • Ramons pink pills thermometers in 2 tin variation
  • Tin Park Rapids, MN drug store sign
  • Tin buy an Iowa Corn Farm Sign (NOS)
  • Tin hair rejuvenator sign
  • Tin Missouri ruralist sign
  • Tin Minnesota Valley breeders sign (NOS)
  • Tin Dept. of Interior Range Boundary sign
  • Framed Railway Station floor spitting sign (Breeze, IL)
  • Stewartville Minnesota auction poster, framed
  • Kate Thayer and others 1880’s Operetta promo poster, framed
  • Union Leader tobacco canvas sign, framed
  • Tin Snow Emergency Rules sign
  • Borden condensed milk store window card, framed
  • Squirrel brand peanuts window sign, framed
  • Central Parkway Street sign


  • Black Horse Ale pre pro round tray
  • Dobler Lager pre pro oval tray
  • Edelweiss Beer pre pro round tray w/girl
  • Muehlbach’s Kansas City pre pro round tray, worn
  • Assorted Meek & Co. Victorian oval ad trays various products & cities, both front and back ads (8+)
  • Heath Mulligan paints tip tray
  • CD Reay Shoes Brick NJ girl tip tray
  • Wireless Café East St. Louis girl tip tray
  • Dixie Queen tobacco landscape tip tray
  • Muehlbach’s Beer pre pro tip tray (near Mint)


  • 1 Gallon ad jug Buffalo, NY
  • 3 Gallon Cobalt/Salt glazed churn (w/damage)
  • 2 Gallon Cobalt/Salt Glazed butter churn
  • 6 Gallon Cobalt/Salt Glazed eastern crock
  • 3 Gallon Red Wing Target crock (chipped bottom)
  • ½ Gallon Salt Glazed crock
  • 1 quart Salt Glazed canning jar (Washington, MO?)
  • Set of 6 nested Western Stoneware Spongeware bowls – rust & blue


  • Large assortment of ad cards (15+ boxes), framed & loose, various products and locations nationwide.
  • Red Path Chataqua Iowa shows admit ticket, framed
  • McKinney’s Bread Die Cut card framed
  • Yaeger Lang Whiskey Dubuque Iowa letterhead, framed
  • 1934 Dodge Bros. truck name plate
  • Mopar polishing cloth tin
  • 1960’s Mopar parts green box bolt & nut cabinet
  • Chrysler World’s Fair ashtray and box, framed
  • Chrysler Master tech Mechanics award plaque
  • Burlap Potato Sack “M” California
  • Salesman’s sample paper mâché duck decoy
  • Hoosier Streamliner vintage punch board
  • Cassell’s Poultry book page litho of Bantam’s, framed
  • DeLaval cream separators match safe

  • Huge woven buttocks basket
  • Medium sized buttocks basket, multi color weave (Missouri)
  • 3 Contemporary Gizzard baskets
  • Small primitive egg basket, nice sides
  • 10# Anvil
  • Dubuque Potts sad iron with Dubuque Potts trivet
  • Tool caddy in old grey paint
  • Fisk copper full body rooster weathervane w/direction
  • Davis 12” inclinometer cast iron (chipped corners)
  • Howe fishtail postage scale w/brass
  • Currier & Ives print Champion Paces Direct by Director, framed
  • Cast iron shelf brackets
  • Pair sterling silver candle holders
  • Cast bill cup
  • Auburn, New York maple wood plane
  • Maple sugar bucket, marked L Swan on lid
  • Smaller Maple sugar bucket, crackled finish
  • Pressed glass condiment containers (4)
  • Folk art carved bass on a log
  • Framed picture of a dog and girl
  • 4 Fishing lures
  • Jar of Clay & Bennington marbles
  • Hand wrought metal loom spreaders, circa 1860
  • Mahogany Relief, Carving of Dogwood Branches, signed & dated 1875, 42” wide
  • And more…..


  • 6 Sided & lidded butter mold 1840’s with pinned hinge points and keys
  • Accanthus carved ambar/porridger with fantastic carved body & lid, 1 piece turned then carved, lid is pinned to base near mint 10” x 7 ½ x 7 ½
  • Accanthus carved ambar/porridger smaller version with excellent carving similar to above, surface cracks on sides and lid 9” x7” x7”
  • Exceptional 1848 inscribed bent wood “puzzle” box of Swedish origin with intricate trick puzzle lid museum, comes with Vesterheim museum letter
  • Round bent wood gathering box with a handle, hand carved heart shaped lap dated 1755 on one side, branded hearts on sides
  • Restored hardanger fiddle with Mother Of Pearl on neck and ornate carving
  • Norge round turned & carved ale bowl in salmon and rosemaled paint, dated “1863” w/ “H” on the bottom
  • Baleen carved norge box w/ cut hearts on lid from New York
  • Large round heavily carved pantry box “BJDJ” on lid
  • Hand carved Norwegian walking cane with waves and inlays museum craftsmanship
  • 94” belted sleigh bell set with 29 graduated brass bells (big and good)
  • Oversized bent wood bride’s travel box poker branded with snap latch lid 1800’s


  • Stave banded rosemaled green ale bowl big ears
  • Museum quality burl carved tankard with carved lions as feet and on lid opener signed “LN” on bottom
  • Norge turned wood & carved ale bowl in old black paint “BIF” on bottom
  • Early grain painted bentwood round lidded box with carving
  • Rosemaled portidge or butter keep heart shaped feet good color
  • Norge butter keep stave banded in blue & brown paint
  • Early rosemaled tankard 4 legs no lid
  • Birchwood burl carved tankard with turned lid, Circa 1870’s (Leonard Minnesota Estate)
  • Acanthus carved turned screw on pin cushion (Leonard Minnesota Estate)
  • Round bentwood box carver all sides pinwheels 11” x 3” x 3”
  • Dark green carved round pantry box 6” x 6” x 5”


  • Norge woven wool table rug 37” x 23”
  • Woven table runner
  • Woven tapestry 5” x 90+”


  • Rare large fillagree bridal spoon with carved on wooden chains heads of birds on handle missing 1 chain, museum quality 1870’s or earlier
  • Acanthus carved wedding spoons on a wooden carved chain Norwegian 1880’s
  • 6” Norge spoon diamond shaped carving on handle
  • Burlwood butter paddle/scoop
  • Acanthus & Scratch carved spoon “RR”, 5”
  • Heavily carved floral covered spoon, 7”
  • Scratch carved spoon w/bird on spoon, 7”
  • Scratch carved 15” ladle flowers front & back
  • Dated 1918 large spoon with stem notch, museum quality, 12”
  • 12” Scratch carved spoon handle carved w/flowers & vines
  • 1878 dated, 12” ladle carved front & back
  • 1908 date on back 12” ladle/spoon carved front & back
  • 9” spoon carved Man & Flowers on handle
  • Acanthus carved spoon w/horse on handle, 7”
  • Carved spoon with unique rare folding handle, 9”
  • Acanthus carved sifter strainer ornate & rare, 8”
  • Norge totem handled spoon w/birds & hearts, 13”
  • Initialed spoon Norge 7” with bird & floral
  • Multi carved Norge spoon 7” flower crown handle


  • Early Norge scratch carved box dark finish c-shaped lap old lid reinforcement heavy (Houston Minnesota Estate)
  • Lapped carved bentwood box heavy carving all-around 11 ½ “x 6 ½” x 4”
  • Oval bentwood tine box poker & scratch carved rosettes 13” x 8” x 3”
  • Bentwood box grain painted with serifs 13” x 7” 5 ¼”
  • Bentwood box heavy carved swivel lid
  • Flag latched oval keepsake box turkey tracks & feathers
  • Painted ear latched box tacks on laps “1829” on bottom
  • Oval pantry box scratch carved cross on lid 6’ x 4’
  • Small oval pantry box turkey feathers & tracks
  • European oval box dark finish signed “OLAF 1881” bottom
  • Oblong & flat oval pantry with grass tred laps 7 ½” x 4” X 3”
  • Very primitive & early oval bride’s box snap latch, lid
  • Small Norge bride’s box excellent quilt pattern 8” x 4” x 4”
  • Flag latched turkey feathers & tracks branded box 6” x 3” x 2”
  • Oval pantry with starburst on lid 5” x 3” x 2”
  • Large bentwood possessions box turkey track’s & feathers, Stockholm Sweden label on side w/mouse hole
  • Turkey tracks & feathers bentwood box flag pole latches 11” x 7”


  • Large fisherman 9”
  • Matching couple red top white dress/man black vest
  • Matching couple woman red top green dress man brown pants
  • Matching couple woman has white apron man stocking cap
  • Matching couple woman has apron & broom man green pants
  • Ole The Hermit book and history papers


  • Scandinavian oblong pegged basket big weave
  • Carved side flat board breadbasket in old red paint
  • Carved side flat board breadbasket w/handle black paint
  • Round painted gathering box missing handle signed & dated 1883
  • Oval bentwood bride’s box in old red paint, no lid


  • Carved early picture frame with portrait
  • Trick lid complicated shaving box (with paperwork)
  • Trick lid 1 piece carved circa 1870, in old rep/black paint
  • Carved mallet hammer, carved peen & handle
  • 3” round keepsake box carved & painted
  • Miniature snap lid bentwood box branded 3” x 2” x 2”
  • Rosemaled dala horses 2, orange 1 blue
  • Burl carved oval snuff box, carved hinges
  • Oval trick lid ditty box 3”
  • 2” heavy carved match safe with slider lid
  • Acanthus carved & turned wood goblet/ compote
  • Assortment of contemporary rosemaled, painted bowls & a small hanging box
  • Contemporary bentwood latched box 1980’S



  • L. Hesse, Somerset, Ohio 1845 blue & white
  • G Stich, Newark, Ohio 1841 red/salmon/blue/white


  • Muir Brothers, Central Indiana 1843 blue/white, some repair
  • Samuel Graham, Henry County, Indiana 1850 blue/white
  • Wm Craig Family, Decatur County, IN 1844 navy/white
  • Wm Craig Family, Decatur County, IN 1848 navy/white
  • Wm. Craig Family, Decatur County, IN 1851 blue/white


  • D. Arnold for A Hess “Peace & Plenty” 1847 red/blue/green/white
  • Martha Jane Scott 1837 Possibly IN blue & white
  • Unknown Weaver, rare indigo & navy “1845”
  • Unknown Weaver, peafowl corner blocks “1844” red/white


  • Unknown Weaver or date, Over shot pine trees multicolor vibrant orange/blue/red/black museum quality
  • Unknown Weaver or date, Overshot chains & squares vibrant blue/red/black/orange/teal museum quality



  • Round swing handle by Rouse Matteson North Kingston, Rhode Island
  • Round early egg basket 6”
  • Early small gizzard basket from Michigan
  • Oblong ash gathering basket from Missouri
  • Pennsylvania oblong oval tight weave gathering basket
  • Folk art basket by Author and Shaker basket expert, Martha Weatherbee plus her book
  • Turkey shaped pine needle & pinecone basket by Couchatta Indian weaver Lorena Langely
  • Alaskan Inuit small, lidded basket (Kathryn Dock)
  • Alaskan Inuit large lidded sweet grass/willow basket (Lucy Seeary) (from Alaska Native Med Center Craft Shop, Anchorage, Alaska)


  • Authenticated By Tiffany Studios Reproduction Lamp with 600+ piece of glass shade & base made from Tiffany molds


  • Norwegian painted spinning wheel, teal 1880’s
  • Norwegian painted, stenciled & dated 1880, spinning wheel in navy blue w/red


  • McCallum Company salesman sample cast miniature store rack
  • Sewer Tile Whimsey Hippopotamus “Sailor” from Zoar, OH
  • Hull Pottery Hippo plant pot
  • Hippopotamus ceramic pitcher
  • Assortment of glass & metal hippo figurines
  • Lot of old books
  • Lot of Antiques & Folk Art reference books
  • Casey Edwards signed carving of a wren & birdhouse
  • 3 woven chair pads
  • Large collection of hand carved Santa Claus figures (70+) from various folk artists nationwide
  • Lot Roman Bill Jauquet Christmas ornaments
  • Lot Christopher Radko holiday variety ornaments (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Patriotic, etc.) 20+
  • Hand carved beaver on a log (R. Lashua), MN
  • Pine needle basket w/pinecone
  • New folk art carved Norwegian shelf
  • Lot Tokheim pottery from Minnesota
  • Graduated set of Peaseware lighthouse style treen lidded containers 4, Thimble to 5 ½ “ tall,
  • Etc……


  • Verge Fusee silver cased pocket watch circa 1690-1700 Fennell of Kensington, England with braided hair fob
  • Verge Fusee silver cased pocket watch circa 1780 Markwick of London England heavy silver fob





Lunch will be served.
All buyers will be photographed.
Terms: Cash or Good Check with Current Photo ID.
Out of State Photo IDs and Out of State Checks must be accompanied with a Bank Letter of Credit, call for details.
We do not accept Cashier Checks.
Items sold with no warranty, they stand sold AS IS.
On any item purchased through our auctions, we are not experts on description or authenticity of item, buyers, it is your decision to purchase item as it appears day of auction.
Owner & Auction personnel not responsible for accidents day of sale!
Announcements made day of sale take precedence over any advertisement!


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